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fic dump [#9]


wooooooooooooah it’s been a while and things have accumulated. Sorry for the rather large post. :T

Masterlist of fic up here: (2008-onwards)
**also on DW here since LJ is being a little shithead. Sorry, the links also jump around from AO3 to LJ to DW. :’|

Assassin’s Creed

Tomorrow Was Not Dull (NC17, Altair/Malik, time travel and teenagers being dumb)
sight (PG, Altair/Malik, vision switching)
Backseat Driver (PG13, Altair/Malik, modern AU) 
Harry Potter AU (PG, Ensemble) 2 3 4
Things to Know (PG, gen, oc!Irfan deals with Darim and Sef) 
Loves Company (PG, Altair+Malik, gen)
When He Wakes (PG13, Ezio+Leo, trigger warning: [hover for trigger spoiler]) 
So We’ll Get Take-Out (PG, Altair/Malik, bird rescue center AU) 
You Know You Have to Go (PG13, Altair/Malik, Fast and Furious AU)
Null and Void (PG13, Altair/Malik, Bartimaeus crossover)
Discorsus (PG13, Altair/Malik, fighting guards and being dumb)


Link (Cal Leandros Series; Robin/Ishiah)

Link (Homestuck; John/Karkat, elevator)

Link (Temeraire; Laurence/Tharkay)
Link (Temeraire/Hornblower crossover; Archie, Granby, and a baby dragon)

One of my favorite writers!

I’m a huge fan of her Altair/Malik stuff but seeing John/Karkat from her is really exciting!! It’s short and sweet.

I’ll do a proper fic-rec later, but for now go for this o u o ~

Fic recommendations XV

Hurricane (6/6 Complete)

Karkat is a stagehand. John is a wandering hipster with a camera, in town to see his friends’ rap battle.

“You’re sweet under all that sarcasm,” John returned happily. Then it was like his not-kissing-people timer ran out and he had to plant one on somebody or he’d get penalized, because he twisted and slung a leg over Karkat’s knee, threw his arms around Karkat’s neck, and initiated the most methodical, purposeful makeout Karkat had ever experienced.

Pairing: John/Karkat, Dave/Tavros, Dave/John(past!tense) (AU, sex-in-the-backseat-of-a-van)
Rating: NC-17 (in part 6)
Note: This is the very definition of a modern-AU. I love how easily you can imagine the characters in our world, you could read this without knowing a single thing about Homestuck! But yet the characters are still fairly IC. The plot felt like something out of an independent film, though it did feel like things were moving to fast for me a few times. All in all, I honestly really enjoyed reading this. ♥♥♥


The Little Things Give You Away (Oneshot) (Part of Collegestuck Series)

“Yeah, and I think you’re cute. Now put some fucking clothes on so we can go eat!” The troll gives John his best glare, which has never worked very well on him, but John is so flustered that he moves to comply, anyway.

Karkat sits down at his desk to give John some privacy to change, then angles his computer monitor so that he can see John’s reflection in the screen.

Pairing: John/Karkat, Dave/Tavros (fluff, AU, college, horn touching)
Rating: PG
Note: Sequel to Now I Won’t Settle For Less. Mostly world-building and setting placement. Not much happens but the title is apt: it’s a collection of little things and actions that speak volumes in terms of character development.


Here We Go Again (Oneshot) (Part of Collegestuck Series)

John wants to collect a kiss card at Kanaya’s theater party but Karkat stops him.

“John, the fuck did you need one of those for? You shouldn’t be making out with anyone anyway, and even if you did want to…it’s not like anyone would care if you had a card or not.” Karkat growls the last statement, not very happy at how damn true it is.

“You might.”

Pairing: John/Karkat (fluff, AU, college)
Rating: PG
Note: Sequel to Now I Won’t Settle For Less, this comes directly after The Little Things Give You Away. A short drabble but very sweet and light. You see the beginnings of a relationship, awkward and slow and unsure. But above all, hopeful. :)

Fic recommendations XIV

Drabble (Oneshot)

Karkat laments his outbursts towards John and learns something about himself.

Pairing: Karkat/John (family, fluff)
Rating: G
Note: Really sweet and precious. Amazing character development on Karkat’s part. A feel-good fic. ♥♥♥


Can’t Fight This Furbeast Anymore (Oneshot)

“This tiny furbeast on your face, what is it? What does it want?”

Pairing: Karkat/John (fluff, kissing, sillyness, humor)
Rating: PG
Original prompt: Karkat’s reaction to John growing a beard. [X]


Permanent Ink (Oneshot)

John wants to get a tattoo to celebrate his relationship with Karkat and Dave tries to talk him out of it—it’s totally uncool.

Pairing: Karkat/John, Dave/Terezi (sillyness, humor)
Rating: PG-13 
Note: Features art by geromy.

Fic recommendations XIII

Short Stuff (6/6 Complete)

“Hey, Karkat? Why are you so short?”

“Why are you such a stupid fucking moron?”

Pairing: None, hint!Karkat/John (friendship, gen, fluff)
Rating: G
Original Prompt: “…
John loving how short Karkat is. (and maybe Karkat being a bit sulky about it and gettin’ some reassurance from our lovable derp?)” [X
Note: This is just the perfect happy fic. It’s light and fluffy and warm and it’ll put you in a good mood 0v0 ♥♥♥


Plea to Me (Oneshot)

Karkat is very annoyed by the fact that John refuses to moan because, apparently, it’s embarrassing, and decides to try to find new ways to make the boy whimper and cry and plea to him like there’s no tomorrow.

Pairing: Karkat/John (fluff, smut)
Rating: NC-17
Note: This is pretty adorable. It plays off the romantic!Karkat trope very well. It’s so sweet how much he cares for John =u=

Fic recommendations XII

Fear (3.5/3 Complete)

John’s unprepared for this: meeting the trolls for the first time. They’re straight out of a horror movie, with claws and fangs and scary faces. He regrets promising Karkat a hug… when he doesn’t even want to get near him.

Pairing: Karkat/John (fluff)
Rating: G
Original Prompt: ‘Terrifying’ trolls
Note: The thing I hate most is how short this fic is. I really loved how different the approach to the pairing is. 


Now I Won’t Settle for Less (7.5/6 Complete)

John is uncomfortable with the idea of quadrants—why does Karkat insist on trying to find someone else when he has John? Karkat doesn’t understand why John is so hurt by this, until Dave forces him several years into the future, and Karkat sees for himself.

Pairing: Karkat/John (smut, voyeurism, time travel, fluff)
Rating: NC-17 (not too explicit)
Original Prompt: Time travel, jealousy, voyeurism [X
Note: I really liked Karkat’s development and POV here. It was sweet, and the fluff of it is adorable. :)


Not Quite Right (1/1 Complete)

When Karkat asked you out, seriously asked, all soft mumbles of flushed feelings and awkward flattery you said yes. You’re not attracted to him but you’re really not attracted to anyone and he’s just so sincere…

Pairing: Karkat/John (unrequited, asexual!John, angst)
Rating: G
Original Prompt: Unprompted, possibly inspired by this: [X
Note: Something uncommon… a bit heart-breaking, but the POV is well-done, and you get a feel of John’s very confused feelings, anxiety, and fears.

Tentabulge Megapost

It’s difficult to render this concept in a SFW manner. Please accept this compromise.

This isn’t very much content so think of it as a “starter pack” into that certain special homestuck troll biology.

NSFW obviously. Enjoy.

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Fic recommendations XI

Last few posts were pretty fluffy. Have some smut this time. 


Worth the Wait (5/5 Complete)

What if the trolls don’t naturally produce enough genetic material to fill a pail every time, but instead have to build it up through teasing and repeated failed/ruined orgasms?

Pairing: Karkat/John, slight Sollux/Karkat, offhand Dave/Terezi (smut, angst, troll biology!, some fluff as well <3)
Rating: NC-17
Original Prompt: Orgasm control/denial [X]
Note: This is very long and goes beyond the kink prompt to really delve into K/J’s relationship. It also goes into a lot of detail about troll biology, and that’s always fun :D 


Let Me Go (2/2 Complete)

Karkat and John wake up in the same bed. John has to pee, says as much, and makes to get up to do so… and Karkat stops him.
And proceeds to mercilessly jack him off.

Pairing: Karkat/John (smut, …pee)
Rating: NC-17
Original Prompt: Bladder Desperation [X]
Note: My adorable friends are a bit weirded out by this kink, but dubious physiology aside, it’s pretty well written.

Fic recommendations X (Badfic Edition)

Warning: These will bring back all the painful memories of the old fanfiction you read and wrote when you were 13. (I know it did for me… ouch.)


John’s Big Dillemia (Oneshot)

His eyes were like the nile, so deep and long and essential for his wellbeing. For John was like an egyptian desert and he had spent a long time in de-nile.

Pairing: Karkat/John or Dave/John (humor, parody)
Rating: PG
Note: Who will John choose? The author won’t update unless she gets 10 reviews!


~*!densetsu no miracle!*~ (Oneshot)

"Ohayo Karkat!" said John! His scarf rippled! He was there. "You looked depressed so I made you an oishii bento to cheer you up."
"I do not like you. You are tottemo a fuckass."

Pairing: John/Karkat (humor, parody, weeaboo japanese)
Rating: PG
Notes: Bentos… the umbrella diagram… the Digimon reference at the end. I’m dying XD 


,。・:*Loving You Deep Inside*:・。、 (2/2 Complete)

John chuckled and did what he was going to do. His eyes were beautiful, red like blood and erupting volcanose. He blushed and felt like he was melting from the hottness.
“Dave, I want you inside me…..”

Pairing: Dave/John, slight Karkat/John (humor, parody)
Rating: PG-13 (for badly written smut)
Notes: This comment sums it up pretty well: “The problem is how easily I can imagine this being slapped up on circa 1998.”

Fic recommendations IX

>Nepeta: Initiate shenanigans (4/4 Complete)

GA: “I Think I Am Flushed For You”
GA: *John Kisses Karkat Tenderly*
GA: *And Bites His Neck*

Pairing: Karkat/John (pretend, fluff, humor)
Rating: Barely PG-13
Original Prompt: Nepeta invites Kanaya to roleplay John and Karkat’s hypothetical redrom. 
Notes: This is a pesterlog-type fic. Very very silly and adorable.


A Guide to Human Romance In Nine Steps  (4/4 Complete)

The next thing you know your teeth hurt like fuck because John clearly doesn’t know the first thing about kissing and that’s that you don’t ram your face into someone else’s with wild abandon.

Pairing: Karkat/John (angst, fluff)
Rating: PG
Original Prompt: John acting really really derpy and being horrible at any type of romance.
Notes: This is basically about Karkat learning how to cope after John rejects him at first, but then turning around, and how they get past their cultural differences.

Fic recommendations VIII

Sing Sweet Nightingale (5c/? Incomplete, Long time no update)

A Cinderella parody

Pairing: Karkat/John (fluff, au)
Rating: PG
Notes: Adorbs. Cinderella spam.


Argument (Oneshot)

Summary: John deals with the inner turmoil of having had an argument with Karkat and not being able to apologize, but still very desperately wanting the troll back with him.

Pairing: John/Karkat (angst, fluff, pwp, future!au)
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Oh my gosh. ♥ ;_________;